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Customer Service Line: 082 227 9274

Sandton - Hurlingham

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082 707 8911

Pick 'n Pay On Nicol
Cnr William Nicol & Republic Dr
Hurlingham, Sandton

Trading Hours:
Mon - Sun: 08h00 - 17h00

  • We are in the basement with quick access to the lifts.
  • Free basement parking.
  • Managers & supervisors on hand.
  • 10 Cleaning bays for fast service!
  • Enjoy drop ‘n shop convenience.

What Is Eco Wash?

  • Car washing in South Africa is now more environmentally friendly thanks to the 082CARWASH™ Eco Wash advanced  waterless nanotechnology.
  • Our product is a tried and tested, biodegradable, nanotech car-cleaning product that allows us to wash clients cars on the spot without the need for water.
  • 082CARWASH™ has shown 1000’s of car owners that there's a non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable and waterless way to clean and polish your vehicle’s exterior paintwork.

How Does Eco Wash Work?

  • Our trained Eco Wash staff spray a light atomised covering of our eco-friendly, non-toxic formulation onto a vehicle panel, allowing wetting agents and nano particles to encapsulate and loosen road film and salts    (this process is similar to the process that occurs when spraying Q20 silicone spray onto rusted nuts and bolts).
  • We then use a specialised wiping technique with our microfiber towel which simply lifts the dirt without making contact with the painted surface.
  • A second towel gently polishes the remaining Eco Wash product left on the surface, to a deep protected shine.
  • Our 082CARWASH™ Eco Wash is most effective on lightly to moderately dirty cars
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