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Customer Service Line: 082 227 9274

about1If you are just simply looking for a car wash, or to buy a successful car wash franchise business, then you are at the right place.

082 CAR WASH ™ Franchises offer a superior car wash service and experience. In fact, our service is so popular we have been franchising it since 2005 and currently have many franchises for you to choose from. Please visit our ‘Branches’ page for all the addresses and contact details.

The 082 CAR WASH ™ Franchise provides a refreshingly up-market option to having your car washed. Our franchisees pride themselves in the exceptional service they provide to their customers (guests). We have incorporated a coffee shop (Carwash Café™) where guests about2can relax while watching plasma screens and enjoy complimentary beverages.

All this, while our professional managers and supervisors ensure their vehicles are being cleaned to the high standards set by the franchise office.

Why are we the preferred Car Wash Franchise option?

  • Professional concept and image.
  • Expert franchise team.
  • about3Contemporary, upmarket car wash destination.
  • You get what you pay for.....
  • Monthly visits from the franchise office.
  • The first ‘concept’ car wash in SA.
  • Tried and tested 082CARWASH™ business model.

Our Slogan


The 082CARWASH™ slogan:

“Maximum Care, Every Car, Every Time!”

By establishing up-market destinations, and providing extra attention to customer service we are striving to improve the previously tarnished image that the car wash industry has attained through poor service and shoddy looking operations.

Our Philosophy

“Cars don’t drive themselves to 082 CAR WASH ™”

about6The 082 CAR WASH ™ Franchise Office attributes their success to this simple philosophy of spoiling their customers and providing a superior service experience. In the same vein they expect their franchisees to be customer and service oriented. These efforts have ensured repeat business and in turn created profitable franchisees.

Future Plans

Having established 082 CAR WASH ™ as a strong and equitable brand in Gauteng the Franchise Office has recently spread their wings to Cape Town. They have done positive research into the car wash business within the coastal areas and have seen the same gap in these market places. Their team is busy securing future sites for this expansion and will also be looking to appoint Master Franchises in these areas.